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    Ebay sale shortly (>200 discs!) but offers on the game (criterion), trainspotting(criterion), pulp fiction (criterion) & evil dead unrated box set ?



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    Ebay sale shortly (>200 discs!) but offers on the game (criterion), trainspotting(criterion), pulp fiction (criterion) & evil dead unrated box set ?

    Post  bobpants on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:57 pm


    Will be listing the below on fleabay shortly, but wondered if anyone wants to make me an offer on any of the below before I list the job lot :-) ?


    The evil dead collector's edition box set unrated NTSC
    Trainspotting criterion widescreen NTSC
    Pulp fiction criterion box sets NTSC
    The game criterion
    Heart and souls letterbox NTSC
    Dressed to kill NTSC
    The fury PAL
    Four weddings and a funeral NTSC
    Clueless NTSC
    The vanishing widescreen NTSC
    Backdraft letterbox NTSC
    Blown away NTSC
    boomerang Widescreen NTSC
    The relic widescreen NTSC
    The abyss widescreen special edition PAL
    Titanic widescreen PAL
    An eye for an eye widescreen NTSC
    Fortress PAL
    Scrooged NTSC
    Edward Scissorhands PAL widescreen
    LA story widescreen PAL
    Desperado widescreen PAL
    It could happen to you widescreen PAL
    Die hard widescreen PAL
    Frankie and Johnny NTSC
    The American president widescreen PAL
    needful things NTSC
    Ghost widescreen PAL
    Honeymoon in Vegas NTSC
    Kindergarten Cop NTSC
    Fargo widescreen NTSC
    Three fugitives NTSC
    Twister widescreen NTSC
    Sliver widescreen PAL
    Flatliners PAL
    Carlito's Way letterbox NTSC
    Dumb and dumber PAL
    A time to kill NTSC
    Hard-boiled widescreen PAL
    Millers Crossing widescreen PAL
    Last exit to Brooklyn PAL
    Dawn of the dead NTSC unrated
    Runaway train NTSC
    Deliverance NTSC
    Rambo first blood part two PAL
    First blood PAL
    The full Monty widescreen NTSC
    An innocent man NTSC
    Lawrence of Arabia NTSC
    Star 80 NTSC
    Papa Nui NTSC
    Mrs Brown widescreen NTSC
    Diner NTSC
    Spetters PAL
    The champ PAL
    A raisin in the sun NTSC
    Jaws 3 PAL
    Mad Max 2 PAL
    Dead Presidents widescreen NTSC
    Driving Miss Daisy NTSC widescreen
    Poltergeist PAL
    Scream widescreen directors cut NTSC
    Far and away letterbox NTSC
    Quiz show letterbox NTSC
    Robocop NTSC
    Scent of a woman widescreen PAL
    Big business NTSC
    Grosse Pointe Blank widescreen NTSC
    Hoffa NTSC
    Flashdance PAL
    Body of evidence letterbox unrated deluxe edition NTSC
    A clockwork Orange NTSC
    Heaven can wait PAL
    White squall widescreen PAL
    Field of dreams PAL
    Johnny mnemonic widescreen NTSC
    Face off widescreen NTSC
    Speed widescreen NTSC
    The doors wide screen PAL
    Hotshots part two NTSC
    Brubaker PAL
    Dead man walking widescreen NTSC
    Basic instinct special edition Dir's cut unrated
    Madonna blonde ambition live PAL
    Top gun widescreen NTSC
    Toy story letterbox NTSC
    White men can't jump NTSC widescreen
    Set it off widescreen NTSC
    Die hard with a vengeance PAL widescreen
    Blackadder 2 PAL
    Passenger 57 NTSC
    Apollo 13 widescreen PAL
    Predator 2 widescreen PAL
    The morning after NTSC
    The mask widescreen NTSC
    Family business NTSC
    Batman widescreen NTSC
    Clear and present danger widescreen NTSC
    Jurassic Park widescreen PAL
    The professional widescreen NTSC
    A Time to kill NTSC
    Congo widescreen NTSC
    Dirty Harry widescreen NTSC
    To die for widescreen NTSC
    The bodyguard NTSC
    Swing kids letterbox NTSC
    The Poseidon adventure power
    House sitter PAL
    Mixed nuts NTSC
    Silkwood PAL
    Beverly Hills Cop PAL
    Awakenings NTSC
    Escape from LA widescreen NTSC
    True lies widescreen NTSC
    Goodfellas widescreen NTSC
    Men in Black widescreen NTSC
    From dusk till Dawn letterbox NTSC
    Blow out PAL
    Falling down NTSC
    Cocktail NTSC
    Little big man PAL
    Backbeat NTSC
    Money train widescreen NTSC
    Dragonheart widescreen PAL
    What's Love got to do with it NTSC letterbox
    Braveheart widescreen NTSC
    Maverick widescreen NTSC
    Starship troopers widescreen NTSC
    In the line of fire PAL
    Sneakers widescreen PAL
    Legal eagles NTSC
    The fifth element widescreen NTSC
    Forrest Gump Deluxe Edition widescreen NTSC
    Reservoir dogs widescreen PAL
    The exorcist NTSC
    Good morning Vietnam NTSC
    ET widescreen NTSC
    Friday the 13th PAL
    Total recall PAL
    Kids widescreen NTSC
    Platoon widescreen PAL
    Cliffhanger widescreen NTSC
    Black rain NTSC
    Shallow grave widescreen NTSC
    Beyond the law NTSC
    Sleepers widescreen NTSC
    Demolition man NTSC
    Stargate NTSC
    Gremlins 2 NTSC
    Army of darkness letterbox NTSC
    She Devil NTSC
    Blackadder goes Forth PAL
    Halloween widescreen PAL
    Night of the living dead remake widescreen panel
    The sting PAL
    Close encounters of the third kind special edition widescreen PAL
    Restoration letterbox NTSC
    Mission impossible widescreen NTSC
    The fly NTSC
    Greystoke legend of Tarzan PAL
    A league of their own PAL
    The killing fields PAL
    Predator widescreen PAL
    Mars attacks widescreen NTSC
    Philadelphia widescreen NTSC
    The Long Kiss good night's widescreen NTSC
    The people versus Larry Flynt widescreen NTSC
    Tequila Sunrise NTSC
    Babe widescreen PAL
    Blackadder PAL
    Terminator 2 widescreen special edition unrated NTSC
    Die hard to widescreen PAL
    Murder in the first widescreen NTSC
    Cop land widescreen PAL
    The terminator NTSC
    Chariots of Fire PAL
    Bad boys PAL widescreen
    Platoon special edition NTSC
    Judge Dredd widescreen NTSC
    Cobra PAL
    Dracula PAL 1979
    Clear and present danger widescreen NTSC
    The lost world wide screen NTSC
    My cousin Vinny NTSC
    Get Shorty letterbox NTSC
    Blade Runner Dir's cut special widescreen NTSC
    Dirty dancing widescreen PAL
    Heat widescreen NTSC
    12 monkeys letterbox NTSC
    The last of the Mohicans widescreen NTSC
    Mad Max beyond the Dome PAL
    Kissed the girls widescreen PAL
    The puppet masters widescreen NTSC
    Independence Day widescreen NTSC
    Airplane PAL
    Airplane 2 PAL
    Heathers widescreen NTSC
    Waterworld letterbox NTSC
    The French connection widescreen NCSC
    Executive decision NTSC
    Ferris Bueller's Day off NTSC widescreen
    Air force one widescreen NTSC
    Wolf widescreen PAL
    Dark man NTSC
    Universal soldier NTSC
    Primal fear widescreen NTSC
    Batman and Robin widescreen NCSC
    Commando PAL
    Blackadder the third
    My Best friend's wedding widescreen NTSC
    Prizzi Honor PAL
    Eraser NTSC
    Gremlins NCSC
    Jumanji widescreen PAL
    Witness how
    Small soldiers widescreen PAL
    Last action hero PAL
    Romeo and Juliet NTSC
    Sleepless in Seattle widescreen PAL
    Jerry Maguire widescreen NTSC
    Batman returns NTSC
    The frighteners widescreen PAL
    Pretty woman NTSC
    Cocoon PAL
    The pebble and the Penguin letterbox NTSC
    48 hours PAL


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    Join date : 2011-07-17

    In Uk !

    Post  bobpants on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:58 pm

    Sorry - should have said I am in the UK :-) !

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