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    Fleas the final and last resort to terminating them!


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    Fleas the final and last resort to terminating them!

    Post  Laserbite84 on Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:31 pm

    For a while I've had fleas in the home that is not uncommon for pet owner who has cat for 3 years and on and off over the years I have been battling the flea.

    Its a little fu%()+ker that can multiple and give unrest for weeks and many months as well as cost of trying out new products so companies can get richer.

    I have used flea spots from Frontline and so on. I've used spays on the floor but that can take some time and only deals with eggs only not adult fleas!

    Now with extreme temperatures below (-196C; -321°F)or tamer means of −56.4 °C (−69.5 °F) yes I'm talking about Dry-Ice and Liquid nitrogen which can be extremely lethal if miss-used in careless hands!

    All these products can be brought on ebay to tackling fleas and a few people have tried Dry-Ice and it does WORK!it would TOAST the flea within seconds to minutes and Liquid nitrogen instantly upon contact!

    I plan to get some DRY-ICE as its a bit cheaper and still it can be harmful if used carelessly if it dripped onto your hand it can burn and leave a scar.

    So spraying around the home or pouring it out doesn't matter any flea bloody bugger critters nest/hive will toast before the end of the day.

    Here are links about Dry Ice and Liquid nitrogen and buy products on ebay. You need only to know the tolerance levels to deal with fleas on their own ground they would not stand a chance or even beg for mercy it would be TOAST time for them! bounce

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