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    Hello from a young LD fan...


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    Hello from a young LD fan...

    Post  Tasuke on Mon May 23, 2011 4:32 am

    hello, all!!

    i'm John, 29, a laserdisc collector and general fan
    of PIONEER brand Audio/A/V gear, predominently
    from the mid/late 1980's.

    i grew up in the days of the U.S. Video Revolution,
    a very exciting time indeed!!

    though i was the first in my family to own an LD player
    and collection of discs, around the early 2000's,
    my family went through plenty of VHS VCRs,
    especially my grandma on my mother's side,
    whom always insisted on the cheapest lowball
    VCRs she could find.

    fortunately, my mother had a somewhat higher set of standards, and we had our first stereo VCR
    (1986 model linear-stereo HITACHI)
    by 1987, and our first Hi-Fi stereo model,
    a 1988 RCA "DIMENSIA" S-VHS model, by early 1990.

    like most, i went directly from VHS to DVD,
    and, for a brief time, never looked back,
    but then EBAY came along.

    i inherited my father's old Hi-Fi setup,
    which included a 1987 model PIONEER dual cassette deck.
    from that, i instantly knew that i liked PIONEER products.
    i liked the styling, the logo, everything about their stuff, of which that 1987 cassette deck was my
    yardstick at that moment to judge by.

    then, around 2000, i was spending time up at my grandmother's, due to medical issues, and she had
    an internet connection, whereas we did not.

    i started to look into what PIONEER had produced
    in the little more than a decade (at the time) since that
    1987 cassette deck was made.

    one thing led to another, and pretty soon i was on EBAY, staring at what i thought was on the coolest looking piece of CE gear i had ever seen to that moment.

    that piece of gear was the
    1987/1988 PIONEER CLD-3030 Compatible LD player.

    i went on to see lots more PIONEER gear that i took
    an immediate fancy to, but i always had that 3030
    hovering in the back of my mind.

    i'll try to skip all the long drawn-out details
    of the financial troubles my family had,
    as well as the health issues that i spent most
    of the first decade of the 21st century battling,
    and just keep it focused and simple by telling you
    that i wasn't able to get an internet connection,
    and pursue my dreams of a hand-picked vintage
    PIONEER-based Hi-Fi/A/V system until about 2006/2007.

    cut to today, and this is what i now own,
    including an excellent condition copy great repair of that LD player i was sold on fully a decade ago,
    and a collection of over 100 LDs to complement it;

    VSX-D1S TOTL 130w/ch. A/V Stereo Receiver (1990/1993)
    PD-91 Reference Compact Disc Player (1988/1990) (upgraded with parts from a PD-3000, the JPN market version)
    PD-M90X Reference Multi-Play CD Player (1987/1989) (the very first REFERENCE/ELITE multi-play CDP)
    CT-S800 (1988/1990) full-featured TOTL Single-Well LaserAmorphous-Head cassette deck, with casted-iron transformer
    DV-09 Reference DVD Player (1998/2000)
    CLD-3030 TOTL Compatible Laser Disc Player (1988/1989)
    GR-777 Ten Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer (1988/199?) (TOTL remote controllable EQ with dual spectrum display)
    CS-G503 Four-Way Stereo Loudspeaker System (199?)
    SE-305 Stereo Headphones (1974)
    CU-AV100 Programmable Remote Control Unit (1987/1989)
    CU-AV200 Programmable Remote Control Unit (1989/1993)
    CU-AV70 Programmable Remote Control Unit (1989/1991)
    MR-100 Multi-Room IR Receiver (1989/199?)
    CU-MR100 Remote Control Unit (1989/199?)

    HR-S8000U TOTL S-VHS VCR with Digital FX (1988/1990)
    RM-S1 LCD Touch Panel Programmable Remote Control Unit (1988/19??)

    MIRACORD 46 Idler Drive 33/45/78 speed Stereo Turntable (1970) with ADC VLM Mk.II Cartridge/Styli (197?)
    RetroFlix Moderator
    RetroFlix Moderator

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    Re: Hello from a young LD fan...

    Post  DGTWoodward on Mon May 23, 2011 6:48 am

    You are very welcome tasuke.

    What a terrific history. I hope that you are fully recovered now. I am so glad that you have been able to not only rebuild you set-up, but to totally surpass what you had before.

    We are at that stage now really, I suppose. We started modest and have been replacing things out with better components as we can.

    What great photos mate!! Nice pieces you have in your HT. My JVC S-VHS deck has just started to develop a loud squeek as a tape plays, almost as if the tape does not release from the case properly, and I fear that ti will cost more to repair that to replace with a DVR-HDD.

    There are a fair few fans of anime on here so I suspect your pictures will draw some attention, but do you have an account at so we can get a glimpse of your smart LD collection. There is one very big VERY obvious set in there but what are the rest?

    It's great to have you here.


    Daron W
    (Moderator and resident Batman/StarTrek/Superman/JamesBond Nut)

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    LaserDisc Regular
    LaserDisc Regular

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    Location : Stockholm, Sweden

    Re: Hello from a young LD fan...

    Post  nissling on Tue May 24, 2011 6:09 pm

    Welcome! Smile

    Don't we know eachothers? I think I've seen you on Sega-16. Smile

    Posts : 3
    Join date : 2011-05-23

    Re: Hello from a young LD fan...

    Post  Tasuke on Tue May 24, 2011 7:30 pm

    nissling wrote:Welcome! Smile

    Don't we know eachothers? I think I've seen you on Sega-16. Smile

    yep!! to bad 16 is down again at the moment...

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    Re: Hello from a young LD fan...

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